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Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced its entry into Singapore and Hong Kong markets. Read more... Bitcoin's growing popularity in the Asian region has prompted Gemini to open new offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.
The coloring of the blocks is pretty, and meant to point out what was at the time (and, incredibly, still is) a critical issue with the blockchain: The byte limit is too low and going to cause a bottleneck.
Potentially in an effort to avoid any censorship or seizure of funds to get his new project off the ground, Kim Dotcom's Megaupload2 and Bitcache funding round at Bnk to the Future is only accepting Bitcoin. While most investments on the platform allow for investments in various currencies, to invest in Megaupload 2 and Bitcache, investors will have to acquire Bitcoin first.
Specifically: * What's the incentive for people to 'farm' for anything else than money (smart contracts and what not)? How do you keep it distributed? * As the ledger grows longer and longer, how do you provide the same service for the same price (even though it requires more processing power)?
Kenyan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology minister Joe Mucheru is unable to sell his shares in BitPesa after the federal government imposed tightened regulations on virtual currency. Mucheru, former director of BitPesa and one of the company's few shareholders, stated during an interview that Kenyan financial regulators forced financial institutions to shut down the bank accounts of prominent Bitcoin startups such as BitPesa.
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Nigeria lost its title as Africa's largest economy about a month ago since falling into recession. However, Bitcoin use has not taken a due uptake there when compared on the same scale with other African Bitcoin markets in South Africa and Kenya going by previous details from and
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